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We appreciate your interest in our photography and thank you for visiting our web site.  We invite you to put this site to use- browse the photos and information, conduct your own image searches or arrange to review a custom submission, let us know what you do and don't like about our work and this site.  The whole purpose of this web is to assist in finding the imagery you need for your creative projects.
        Please understand, however, that THESE PHOTOS ARE NOT FREE!  We are happy, of course, to license usage rights for an appropriate, negotiable fee.  Our fees are very competitive, and our service excellent.  The quality of the photography- we hope you agree- speaks for itself.
        Without exception, no image displayed in this site is to be downloaded, copied, duplicated, modified, sampled, redistributed, archived, etc., in whole or in part, without the express prior written authorization of Brandon Cole.  Without exception, all text and photographs are Copyright Brandon Cole, and all rights are reserved worldwide.  These photos are not in the public domain.  They are the exclusive property of  Brandon Cole, and any unauthorized use whatsoever is an infringement of US and international copyright and is punishable by law.  Image theft is a serious offense, and as we've registered this site's images with the Copyright Office, we will pursue any infringement to the fullest extent of the law.  We appreciate your understanding and compliance in this matter.  With your cooperation we can continue to maintain this site and its services and offer you the finest in marine wildlife photography.
        While the content of this web is deemed accurate, it is neither legally binding nor guaranteed.  Brandon Cole is not responsible for improper use of the material (text and images) contained in this site.   The entire content of this web site, as a whole and in its parts, is protected by international copyright.
        Our livelihood as photographers is predicated upon making photographic images and licensing usage rights to those images.   It is copyright that makes a professional photographer's existence possible.

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  Search   Bio and Stocklist   Photo Buyers   New   Site Map   Contact Us   Blog  Book  Video  All text and images  Copyright Brandon Cole.  All Rights Reserved worldwide.  No image is to be downloaded, copied, duplicated, modified, sampled, redistributed, archived,  etc., in whole or in part, without the express prior written authorization of 
Brandon Cole. These images are NOT FREE.  Please contact us to arrange an appropriate usage fee:  Tel 509-535-3489; e-mail: