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thank you for 20 years! 

choose your free gift  As thanks for your patronage over the last two decades, we're happy to offer you a free signed print of one of the following Melissa Cole original paintings when you license one of Brandon's photographs. Email us to let us know which painting you like best, and we'll make a print and send it to you. Thanks very much!

FSH-58, "No Clowning Around"


MER-13, "Starry Night"


ORC-5, "Paisley Orcas"


TUR-1, "Turtle and Fishes"


DOL-6, "Dancing Among Stars"


BRD-28, "Tidepool Heron"


HUM-4, "Mom and Baby"


FSH-52, "Lotus Koi Pond"


OCT-4, "Octo Blind Date"


OTT-5, "Nap Time"


SAL-49, "Leap of Faith"


TUR-5, "Moon Jelly Dance"






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