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' AND ' returns photos with all of the words entered, ex. blue AND whale
' OR '
returns photos with any one of the words entered, ex. blue OR whale
' PHRASE' only returns photos with all of the words entered, in exactly that
blue whale  

keyword / concept list

Select from the keywords and concepts listed in the above menu. For multiple selections, hold down the Control (Win) or Command (Mac) key while you click. 


search tips

  • enter one or more keywords, leaving a space between each word, for example bottlenose dolphin jumping or shark dangerous vertical or fish schooling tropical diver or baleen whale powerful mountain snow

  • use the singular word form, for example manatee or turtle or nudibranch

  • remember to utilize the adjacent Categories drop down menu in addition to keywords to further narrow or filter your search

  • to search for a specific image by code, enter gc326 or km2184 or nr1200-D

  • spell out numbers, for example two seal, unless you are entering the image's code as above

  • there's no need to enter underwater as a keyword for fish, invertebrates, manatees, etc. as these critters are always underwater.... However, do use underwater when searching for whales, dolphins, sea turtles, seals and sea lions, etc.

  • remember to utilize our other search methods, such as the KEYWORD / CONCEPT LIST menu above right, and of course by contacting us via phone or e-mail to request we create a custom lightbox selection just for you!



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