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photos of  artificial reefs (including shipwrecks, oil rigs, etc.)

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pn0035-D. scuba diver (model released) explores the bow of the Bermuda in only 15 feet of water. Alger Underwater Preserve. Lake Superior. Upper Peninsula. Michigan. USA.
high resolution picture of scuba diver exploring sunken ship in freshwater
pq0088-D. scuba diver (model released) explores amazing artificial reef ecosystem of an oil rig, California, Pacific Ocean
stock marine photos of oil rigs underwater, vibrant artificial reef ecosystems
px1299-D. An artificial reef in Permuteran Bay on the island of Bali in Indonesia. The man-made metal Bio Rock(tm) "reef" structure is energized, a low-voltage electrical current flowing through the metal frame. This causes minerals in the sea water to precipitate onto the steel frames, resulting in the formation of a limestone layer. Scientists then attach small pieces of coral to the Bio Reef structures. These corals quickly become cemented into place by the accumulating limestone. The transplanted corals grow very quickly- perhaps four times as fast as they ordinarily do- and evidence suggests they are also better able to survive stressful events such as an El Nino. As a technique to aid coral reef restoration, Bio Rock projects such as this hold promise in global efforts to reverse coral reef degradation and restore habitat. Indonesia, tropical Pacific Ocean.
photograph of scientific experiment, an electric coral reef project
ph0023-D. The "Spar" shipwreck off North Carolina is now a vibrant artificial reef. USA. Atlantic Ocean.
artificial reef images including shipwrecks from North Carolina

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