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photos of  blue sharks

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WQ1519-Dr. A Blue Shark (Prionace glauca), look closely to see the ampullae of lorenzini sensory pores, this pelagic species found throughout tropical and temperate seas worldwide, primarily in the open ocean, feeds on squid, schooling bony fish like anchovies and sardines, and also on krill. Large eyes, long pectoral fins, long pointed nose, sleek body and metallic blue to silver gray skin color help to identify it. Azores, Portugal, Atlantic Ocean. Photo Copyright  Brandon Cole.
endangered blue shark close-up underwater marine photos for sale
WQ1382-D. A Blue Shark (Prionace glauca) with two Pilotfish (Naucrates ductor), Photo Copyright  Brandon Cole. Pilotfish are semi-obligate commensal symbionts, following sharks, turtles, and other pelagic animals. They feed on leftovers from their host meals, as well as parasites and excrement.
Prionace glauca blue shark with pilotfish stock digital picture
WQ0238-D. Blue Shark (Prionace glauca), view from behind. The caudal or tail fin is heterocercal- long lobe on top, short lobe on bottom- which is common in pelagic fish as it provides powerful and efficient propulsion for animals always on the move. Photo Copyright Brandon Cole
dramatic horizontal photo of a blue shark swimming away, available for editorial and commercial licensing
WQ1126-D. Stock photograph of a Blue Shark (Prionace glauca) for sale. Wild shark gliding toward lucky scuba divers. Photo Copyright  Brandon Cole. Hanging on weighted lines beneath the boat, the divers are treated to close approaches by a curious 7 foot long blue shark attracted to the area by a small amount of bait. Seamounts off Pico and Faial Islands offer some of the best blue shark dives on the planet. Azores, Portugal, Atlantic Ocean.
images of people scuba diving with blue sharks, Azores, Atlantic Ocean, award-winning marine photography by Brandon Cole

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Blue Shark
scientific name Prionace glauca
range worldwide, tropical and temperate
Azores, New England, California
habitat open ocean
size to 12 feet (3.7m)
diet squid, fish, krill
trivia once very abundant, numbers now depleted due to popularity of sharkfin soup
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