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photos of  blue whales

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TC0147-D. Blue Whale (Balaenoptera musculus), rare underwater photograph, high resolution quality, copyright Brandon Cole Marine Photography
Blue Whale underwater stock high resolution professional photo for licensing
lz8. Blue Whale, skeleton, and model released person. Santa Barbara Museum, California.
picture of model released person standing next to blue whale skeleton
mq21. Blue Whale, aerial view. Pacific Ocean.
hires photograph of endangered blue whale Balaenoptera musculus spouting
TC0204-D. dramatic photo of an endangered Blue Whale, huge tail flukes, high res file available for licensing, contact Brandon Cole
tail flukes of blue whale swimming in open ocean, image by Brandon Cole

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Blue Whale
scientific name Balaenoptera musculus
range world-wide, primarily temperate to polar seas
California USA, Sea of Cortez Mexico
habitat open ocean, occasionally coastal and near polar ice
size to 100 feet (33m), 100+ tons
diet krill
trivia skin actually gray in color; spout to 30 feet tall; blowholes large enough for human baby to crawl down; endangered; fast swimmer
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