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photos of  caribbean reef sharks

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pa0520-D. Caribbean Reef Shark (Carcharhinus perezi), High resolution digital file, portrait side view. Bahamas, Atlantic Ocean.
Caribbean Reef Shark photo, Carcharhinus perezi
pk11851-D. Caribbean Reef Shark, blurred motion. Underwater images from full-time professional shooter Brandon Cole
picture of Caribbean Reef Shark from Bahamas
na580. Caribbean Reef Shark, surrounded by fish at night. Atlantic Ocean.
stock photography of Caribbean Reef Shark with baitfish
pa0536-D. Caribbean Reef Shark (Carcharhinus perezi), photo of this common elasmobranch species swimming over colorful coral reef
underwater photos of Caribbean Reef Sharks and other species

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   vitals                                                              bio
Caribbean Reef Shark
scientific name Carcharhinus perezi
range Tropical Western Atlantic and Caribbean
habitat Coastal
size To 10 feet (3m)
diet Fish, invertebrates
trivia Similar in appearance to Dusky Shark; worth much more alive at organized shark feeding dives than dead at the market
Diving with sharks in the Caribbean is big business. Numerous resorts in the Bahamas lead the way, introducing thousands of scuba divers every year to the adventure of encountering wild sharks in their natural environment. The Caribbean Reef Shark, Carcharhinus perezi, is usually the star of the show.
     Itís a fairly "typical" shark in appearance, and can be confused at a glance with other species. Body color is silvery gray above, fading to white on the underside. All fins have dusky (not black) tips, except first dorsal and upper lobe of caudal fin. Average adult length is about six to seven feet long.
     Caribbean Reef Sharks are usually observed on the seaward side of coral reefs. Sometimes they lie on the bottom, or under ledges, seemingly asleep. Generally not considered dangerous, itís important to remember that if provoked, especially in situations involving chumming or fishing, the reef shark is a wild animal and can bite. Our knowledge of this sharkís biology is minimal.



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