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photos of environmental issues

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gm849. dead Spiny Dogfish Shark (Squalus acanthias). Killed in gill net. Very indiscriminate fishing method kills sea birds, marine mammals, fish, turtles, etc.
stock photo of dead spiny dogfish sharks killed in gill net commercial fisheries
li4851. coral bleaching (Pocillopora sp.). White coral on left is dying- it has expelled its symbiotic zooxanthellae algae. Pollution, global warming, and many other factors stressing coral reefs world wide.
coral bleaching photographs and other environmental issues global warming
lv454. fish killed by dynamite bomb; very wasteful fishing method- also destroys reef
high resolution picture of dead fish killed by wasteful dynamite fishing
nk0032-D. drains carry pollutants such as motor oil, fertilizers, etc. into rivers and the ocean
sign warning not to dump pollution of marine ecosystem horizontal image

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