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photos of  rays and skates

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nu2509-D. Smoothtail Mobula Rays (Mobula munkiana), schooling
photo of school of Smoothtail Mobula Rays Mobula munkiana in Galapagos
nt1099-D. Big Skate. (Raja binoculata). Underside of juvenile showing mouth nostrils and gills. Captive.
marine photos of Big Skates. Underside showing mouth nostrils and gills.  
nk0418-D. Manta Ray (Manta birostris), feeding on plankton at night
Manta Ray feeding at night, picture by Brandon Cole
nr1200-D. Southern Stingray (Dasyatis americana) and jacks in Hol Chan Marine Reserve, Belize
Southern Stingray stock image from Belize, Dasyatis americana

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various species
scientific name various species
range worldwide
habitat varying
size varying
diet varying
trivia see right
Elasmobranch relatives of the sharks (from which they evolved some 150 million years ago), rays and skates number some 600 species. More have yet to be described. Generally speaking, rays and skates have a flattened body plan, with pectoral fins joined to form a central disc or "wings". Gill slits are on the undersurface, rather than along the sides of the head as in sharks.
     There’s a huge diversity in species, from frisbee-sized skates to manta rays as large as a hang-glider. As with the sharks, there’s no one "generic" ray or skate. Some live pressed flat to the bottom, others soar the open blue. Many live solitary lives, while others school in groups hundreds strong. Electric rays can deliver a debilitating shock, stingrays inflict a painful wound if stepped on, and a freshwater sawfish could chop you up into kindling (joke). The vast majority are completely harmless.



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