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photos of  miscellaneous salmon topics

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mo12. Salmon Barge on Snake River WA transporting juvenile salmon bypassing dams. Most are hatchery raised.
hi res stock picture of barge on Snake river transporting juvenile salmon
mo149. Fish ladder at Lower Monumental Dam, Snake River, WA, USA. Salmon returning upriver to spawn bypass dams via smimming up these waterways. Dams are one of the major reasons NW wild salmon have declined dramatically.
fish ladder photo Snake River Washington Lower Monumental Dam
mo209. Chinook Salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) at Lower Granite Dam Snake River WA. Magnetic sensor detects implanted tags used to monitor fish population.
chinook salmon and scientist photograph Columbia River system
mo73. Snake River valley near Lower Granite Dam, WA, USA. Once prime salmon habitat, now only a fraction of historical numbers swim up this river to reach their ancestral spawning grounds.
scenic image of Sanke River valley, once prime salmon spawning habitat

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