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photos of  sponges

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hc755. Red Volcano Sponge (Acarnus erithacus), temperate Pacific Ocean
red volcano sponge high resolution underwater picture available for licensing
lf4618. Cloud Sponge (Aphrocallistes vastus) and woman diver. Model Released
photo of deepwater cloud sponge and female scuba diver (model released)
nr0461-D. sponges along coral reef wall including red Erect Rope Sponges (Amphimedon compressa) Orange Elephant Ear Sponge (Agelas clathrodes) and Lavendar Rope Sponge (Niphates erecta)
Erect Rope Sponges and Orange Elephant Ear and Lavendar Rope Belize 
md79. Stove-pipe Sponge (Aplysina archeri). widespread Caribbean Sea.
stove-pipe sponges stock marine photograph for publishing use

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