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photos of  whitetip reef sharks

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nf1. Whitetip Reef Sharks (Triaenodon obesus), hunting at night. Cocos Island, Costa Rica, Pacific Ocean.
Whitetip Reef Sharks feeding at night photo (Triaenodon obesus)
nd102. Whitetip Reef Shark, a relatively harmless elasmobranch species
White tip Reef Shark underwater stock photography. Galapagos Islands
nf131. Whitetip Reef Shark, and marble ray
Reef whitetip shark and marble ray, picture available for publication
nf7. Whitetip Reef Sharks, hunting in a group at night
behavior photos of hunting Whitetip Reef Sharks, Cocos Island, Pacific Ocean

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   vitals                                                              bio
Whitetip Reef Shark
scientific name Triaenodon obesus
range Tropical Pacific and Indian Oceans, Red Sea
Cocos Island Costa Rica, Hawaii USA
habitat Coastal
size To 6 feet (2m)
diet Reef fish, invertebrates
trivia Copulation lasts 1.5 to 3 minutes; approx. 25 year life span
A regular on the tropical coral reefs from the eastern Pacific westward through Asian waters and across the Indian Ocean to Egypt’s Red Sea, the Whitetip Reef Shark, Triaenodon obesus, is a small, slender species in the family Carcharhinidae. Conspicuous white-tipped dorsal and caudal fin tips and a blunt snout help in identification. It should not be confused with the pelagic Oceanic Whitetip Shark.
     During the day, it is often observed resting on the bottom, and in caves or under ledges at depths of up to 130 feet (40m). Generally it is shy around scuba divers, and not considered dangerous unless molested. The whitetip reef shark is most active at night, when groups can be observed patrolling the reef, poking into coral crevices to feed on fish (eels, soldierfish, snappers, etc.) and crustaceans. The shark’s rough denticle-clad skin acts like body armor, protecting it from abrasions as it roots about in the coral rubble. It is the only shark known to cause ciguaterra food poisoning when consumed by humans.



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