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Selects  marine photos for the month

We've created this new feature to highlight some of our favorite photographs from over the years, and to give you a quick, easy look into the subject diversity of our photo library. We will update this page monthly, so check back regularly.

cute underwater photos of Blue-eyed Triplefin fish Blue-eyed Triplefin (Notoclinops segmentatus), underwater photograph, vertical format, taken at a depth of 20 feet while scuba diving in the Poor Knights Islands Marine Reserve off the eastern shore of the North Island of New Zealand. This stunningly beautiful/cute fish, all of 3cm long, is a common sight scooting around on the colorful invertebrate encrusted rocky reefs in this archipelago. 
high resolution digital picture of Pacific Hagfish Pacific Hagfish (Eptatretus stouti) photo, photographed in California. As disgusting as the above is charming, the hagfish (also called "slime eel", for it can secrete an amazing quantity of the stuff) is found living on muddy and sandy bottoms. It's a scavenger with a voracious appetite for dead things- fish, whale carcasses, you name it. The stinkier and more decayed, the better. Formidable dentition allows it to burrow into the side of its meal, or sometimes it just crawls into the anal opening... This lovely creature's skin is sometimes made into wallets. Go figure.
Sailfish attacking baitball photograph

Got billfish photos? We do. Sailfish and marlin feeding on baitballs, dramatic in-your-face action shots of impressive predators, wild and free. This image is brand new, and was made off Isla Mujeres in Mexico, a known hotspot for this highly migratory species during winter months. Some scientists call this the Atlantic Sailfish (Istiophorus albicans), while others consider it the same as the Indo-Pacific species (I. platypterus). 

scuba diver in Giant Kelp Forest in California A digital photograph showing a scuba diver (model released) swimming through a forest of Giant Kelp (Macrocystis pyrifera) in California's Channel Islands National Park. Kelp is an extraordinary marine plant, capable of growing more than a foot each day in cool, nutrient-rich waters. The kelp forest ecosystem supports a diverse assemblage of marine life: tiny invertebrates, schools of fish, sea otters, and more.
photo of Common Dolphins jumping

A group of Common Dolphins leaping in the eastern Pacific Ocean. One of the many dolphin species in our library, the Common (Delphinus sp.) is widespread in both Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Often found in schools number into the hundreds and even thousands, they are acrobatic and regularly enjoy bowriding boats large and small. Hundreds of our dolphin pictures have been published in calendars all over the world, as well as in magazines, books, on web sites, in advertising campaigns, even on school supplies and clothing.




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