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Here's what people are saying about Brandon's new Reef Life book:

Brandon Cole is one of the world's most accomplished underwater photographers and certainly one of the most prolific.... He has put a collection of his pictures together to form a useful guide to tropical marine life. The text is by Scott Michael, a sometime scientific consultant to National Geographic Explorer and Discovery Channel. Six hundred pages make up a weighty volume measuring 16 x 18cm, and half of that is reproduced in the conventional form of a fish-identification book, with a photograph and details of an example of each species. However, much of this book contains chapters on such issues as parental care in reef fish, schooling and shoaling, venom and poison, and cleaner-fish ecology. It even has an appropriately small section on algae. A major section details the different coral reef communities found around the world... There are chapters on elasmobranches, invertebrates, marine reptiles and marine mammals and all are illustrated, almost without exception, with beautiful pictures by Brandon Cole, although Scott Michael and a few others have filled in the inevitable holes. The text is informative and well sourced without being too wordy. (John Bantin Divernet (Diver Magazine online) 2013-06-01)

Anyone fascinated by the underwater world will be riveted by the photos in this richly illustrated guide... Readers can lose themselves in the magnificent environment beneath the sea, observing a parrot fish sleeping in its mucus cocoon and a manta ray being cleaned by two remoras as a diver swims nearby. Each listing gives the creature's dimensions, location and specific details about its behavior. For snorkelers or divers who enjoy identifying the underwater life they have seen, this well researched and impeccably documented book will be an invaluable resource. (Publishers Weekly 2013-04-05)



"We have been at this for over 20 years and I have never seen anything that even comes close to your amazing collection of marine photography. Truly incredible."

Walt Conti

"As always, you're at the top of our lists-- your photos are INCREDIBLE and simply the best!!"

Mary Berendes, Director of Production

Sunglasses and goggles on the bleeding edge:: Electric Visual chooses our great white shark photo ms80 for its new campaign


"Brandon Cole provided an excellent service and his unique and awe inspiring photography really brought energy and excitement to our ad campaign."

Carl Smith, Art Director 
Electric Visual

"Brandon Cole brings the beauty of the underwater world to the surface with his stunning pictures. As a photographer, writer, and scientific expert, Brandon is a top resource on current marine conservation issues, and Wildlife Conservation magazine calls on him first. Every submission is accompanied with quality service and creativity."

Julie Larsen Maher, Creative Director
Wildlife Conservation Magazine


"What immediately comes to mind when I think of Brandon's work is his stunning collection of whale and dolphin photographs. His images capture dynamic moments with such sharpness and clarity: an orca at the height of its breach, the frenzied waters as a group of humpbacks breaks the surface while bubble-netting a school of fish...his on-the-fly compositional abilities are truly amazing.  Brandon's entire collection is a well-rounded trove of subjects. I always run my photo want lists past him, and he frequently comes up with gems for use in exhibits or printed pieces. It's always a pleasure working with Brandon and his staff, I can count on him for great images and quick turnaround. "

Kris Ingram, Photo Researcher
Monterey Bay Aquarium










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